We help businesses and homeowners in the metropolitan Atlanta area
save money on their property taxes.

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Ensuring an accurate fair market value assessment

We fight for you during the appeals process for your property taxes, utilizing techniques like uniformity - ensuring that you are not paying more than others with similar properties.

Since 1993, dgf properties has been an advocate for clients in Tax Appeal resolution, Homestead Exemption filing assistance and Property Consulting.  When we represent our clients on Tax Appeal resolution, we fight for our clients to lower their property taxes and lock them in at reasonable rates.

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Property Tax Appeals

As the real estate market continue to climb, counties around metro Atlanta are increasing the assessment values to generate additional revenue to cover budget shortfalls.

During the tax appeal process, our firm represents your property's interest throughout the formal appeal process, beginning with a local market analysis, recent sales review and uniformity of values to assess a fair market value.  All research is presented before the board of equalization ("BOE") in order to potentially reduce your fair market value and lock in your value for three years. 

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